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2006 Colubrids

Anerys, Amels, Snows , Sunglows, Pastles, Butters , Stripes and Motleys ......OH MY .......I still have several lines and variants of colors available....Normals 45.00 , Amels 50.00 , Anerys 55.00 , Snows 60.00 Ghosts , 65.00 , Butters 115.00 , Stripes 75-100.00 , Motleys 75-110.00.........Quantity discounts available

I have several variants of patterns and color phases of Cal Kings available ......Coastal Banded ,Coastal Striped ,Albino Banded,Striped and Aberrant patterns ......These lil gems are fiesty as babies but with handeling they become as tame as corns..... Coastal babies are priced at .....Banded - 55.00 and Striped - 65.00 each ...Albinos run Banded and Striped -65.00 .....and Aberrant - 65.00 unrealted pairs available as well as quantity discounts......I just have a few Goins left .......They are one of the nicest colorations of the Florida kings.....My line have kept most of the orange as adults......Almost reaching 6 tf in length as adults they are a nice sized snake for any collection. Prices vary depending on coloration and pattern at 85-100.00 each they are a steal

There are several of these lil ones left . Growing only to 3-4 ft as adults ,they make an excellent addition to the ever growing collection. ....Orng phase 150.00 each or 250.00 per pair ......Normal Leonis phase babies go for 100.00 .......Milksnake phase are 150.00 each ......
Mex Mex are one of the most under rated Mt. kings ......With deep red saddles on a blue grey background with marbled bellies....... babies turn into stunning adults as most hold their baby colors and in some cases colors intensify with age .......Price is 125.00 each or 200.00 per pair
I only have a few of these Blair phase beauties left ......Having large bright orange saddles with thin black out lining make the Gray Banded King a nice addition to any collection.....prices are 100.00 each or 175.00 per pair
Chihuahua Mt kings are a stunning tri color with the largest band count of the Mt kings these lil beauties are eating like crazy and priced to sell at 175.00 each or 300.00 per pair

These Sinaloan babies are stunning .... One of the nicest milks on the market........The Sinaloan Milks have always been a favorite of mine .......With one of the lowest band counts mixed with either bright orange or deep red coloration makes this the milk of choice for collectors all over the world ...Prices are 115.00 each or 200.00 per pair .....

Pueblans are one of the most well known of the milks and with there several different phases coming into the light they are a must have for any collection ...... Prices are Reg Pueblans 85.00 each or 150.00 per pair and Apricots 115.00 each or 200.00 per pair

These 100% het Albino ph Hypo Tangerine Hondurans are awesome with bright orange and tangerine bands and minimal black flecking ....... They are priced to sell at 200.00 each or 350.00 per pair

I have only one Albino Nelsons left but several unrelated 100% hets ...These are one of the most stunning of the Albino tri colors with amazing thick red banding on a white background for me they come no better then this .....Albino is 200.00 and hets are 125.00 each or 200.00 per pair


Wrapped Up in Reptiles
Annette Thompson
Wrapped Up in Reptiles
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