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Summer Availability

The breeding season is off to a tremendous start and we should have good avaiability of several species of dart frogs and mantellas throughout the summer and fall of 2004. Many other species will be available in more limited numbers.

Dendrobates azureus: We will be able to offer frogs from three distinct bloodlines. Availability should be steady as we have 9 prs produsing regularily. $95 - $110 ea

Dendrobates Tinctorius: there will be a good supply of both the powder blue and the oelemari morph of tinctorius throughout the summer and fall. Both of these frogs are large bold frogs with good appetites.
Powder Blue $85
Oelemari $115

Dendrobates auratus. We will be offering a steady supply of 4 morphs of auratus.
"Turquoise and bronze" F1 and F2 froglets are available. These are one of the largest auratus morphs I have seen and the offspring range from green to almost blue, most being a nice turquoise colour with a network of bronze/brown spots. Fairly bold as far as auratus go and very hardy. $60
"Green and Black" These are of nicaraguan origin, and are a fairly large, typical green and black auratus. Excellent starter frog.
$55 ea
"Reticulated" This is a very small form of auratus with a dark green and brown reticulated pattern. Females mature at about 1.25 inches or less. They seem to be a very bold auratus. Somewhat limited availability as they are more sporadic breeders than the other types we offer.
$75 ea
"Blue" this is the true blue and black auratus that has been in the US hobby for Years. It has always been somewhat of a rarity on this side of the border. We have two prs producing, unfortunately only from one bloodline. Once the waiting lists on this morph is filled, there should be a steady supply of healthy froglets available.
$110 ea.

Dendrobates leucomelas. We are very excited to begin offering leucomelas. this is a frog which for one reason or another has eluded us over the years. We now are working with two morphs of leucomelas.
"Orange banded" This is a gorgeus form of leuc, with orange bands as oppsed to yellow bands with a network of spots. Fairly bold, and extremely hardy. these frogs do great in groups and are an excellent starter frog. $100 ea.
"Fine Spotted leucomelas" This is my favourite form of leucomelas, somewhat smaller than the yellow, and the orange baded form, the fin spotted leuc is intricately patterned with a network of yellow and fine black spots throughout. availability will be very limited and will begin late summer. price tba

Dendrobates ventrimaculatus. this is probably your best bet if you are looking to get started into the small thumbnail species of dart frogs. Availablity will be limited, as it in always in high demand.
$85 ea

Dendrobates imitator. A beautiful thumbnail species with a call similar to a bird like trill. A metalic green frog with black spots. the green changes to a metallic blue as it descends down the back onto the hind limbs. Stunning frogs that must be seen to be appreciated. Excellent in groups and in large vivaria. Again, due to demand, availabilty will be extremely limited.
$110 ea.

Dendrobates reticulatus. still quite rare in the hobby reticulatus is a very small frog, maturing at less than 2 cm! The bright red on the dorsum of this frog is unmatched in terms of brightness and intensity. These are not beginner frogs as they can be more sensive to environmental changes. Because of the incredible demand for these animals it will be neccesary to be placed on a waiting list. Priceing tba

Phyllobates terribills. we are working only with the mint form of terribilis at this time. This is a large and robust frog, when mature capable of eating half inch crickets. Excellent in groups, and another excellent starter frog. $75 ea

Phyllobates vittatus this is a beautifly frog with a black back, complimented by two wide coppery orange stripes running from the nose over the eyes and towards the venter. another species that seems to do best in groups, unfortunately somewhat shier than many species in captivity. Due to the extremely sporadic breeding we get from our group availability will be limited and sporadic. $65 ea

Epipedobates tricolor. we are working strictly with the salvais form of tricolour. A reddish maroon frog with greenish stripes. If you are looking for a frog with red, that is more affordable this may be the frog for you. Limited availability $50 ea.

In addition to the many dart frogs we are breeding we are also working seriously with a number of mantella species, and are looking to add large groups of as many species as possible to our breeding program this year. Tadpoles of the following species are currently being raised, and will be avialable once the froglets are well established.
Mantella laevigata. this is an interesting arboreal species of mantella. their reproduction and tadpole rearing seems more along the lines of the dendrobates as opposed to the Mantellas. limited availabilty due to their naturally low rate of production (1 egg per clutch) $55 ea

Mantella viridis. the largest species of mantella, and my personal favourite, like all mantellas this species does best in groups. Price tba

Mantella aurantiaca the golden mantella is a beautiful solid orange frogs with big black eyes. avaiabilty should be steady once the tads start morphing in 6 weeks or so.
Price tba

the above are the species which we will be able to provide to the general public. We are always adding to our breeding stock, so if there is something you dont see that interests you we may have it before too long. Fell free to inquire.

Regarding the Dendrobates pumilio: this is probably the most sought after frog in the dart frog hobby right now. We are still steadily producing them however as of now our waiting lists for all the morphs of this species is closed as we are holding back all offspring produced this year in order to expand our breeding groups.

thanks for your interest. please feel free to inquire with any ?'s you may have, and please visit or website for pics and further info. Shipping available to anywhere in Canada, with live arrival always gauranteed.
Mark Pepper
Understory Enterprises
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