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Herpstat 2 and questions

Here are the details…
40 gallon glass EXO terra tank. Tops are all foiled to keep heat and humidity regulated.

Using small watt UV light for Vit d, CHE and heat mat.

Cool: 78/60%
Hot: 85/60%
Hot side substrate with what gun 88-90.

She’s (ball python) happy, healthy, 4 months old, super nice and eats well.

I have the CHe and heat mat on their own Wi-Fi InkBird thermostats. I keep CHE at 85 during day and 80 at night. Heat pad 95 during day (sits outside tanks with 3in substrate above it inside) and 90 at night. All works like a charm.

But, people are saying Halogen is the way to go. It contains IR A and B waves that CHe doesn’t, in which CHE is all IR C. The A and B are better for the snakes.

Am I over thinking this, splitting hair etc and over complicating this?

Do I just keep current set up, or Switch to halogen during day and CHe at night?

And if I do switch, I have a Herpstat 2 which I am finding really hard to set up where the halogen would be on during day, shut off at 8pm and then CHE would kick on from 8pm to 8am, then switch back to halogen. Any tips?

Thanks. Harri.
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Re: Herpstat 2 and questions

It sounds like you have a good setup as is.

A CHE is a better heat source than a halogen/xenon/MVB because it doesn't waste any energy creating light and it can be used 24 hours a day without interrupting the snake's sleep cycle. It does seem like they've gone out of fashion but if your snake is healthy and eating then I wouldn't change your setup. There certainly isn't anything wrong with using a CHE controlled by a thermostat.
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Re: Herpstat 2 and questions

I personally think halogen/UV combo for daytime does replicate the sun better, but that doesn't mean your snake will suffer without it by any means.
I plan to switch mine to halogen at some point, but things are moving slowly for me right now as I have a lot going on. Mine have been fine without it for about 2 years.

I will say that I think DHPs are much, much more effective and cost effient than CHEs. They also push the heat down further. I started with che/heat mat like you and moved to a single DHP instead of needing 2 sources of heat. And they can be on 24/7 like a CHE as they have barely any light.
They're a little closer to that "better" IR goal as they have a lot more B-rays.
I have mine hooked up to Vivarium electronics thermostats, the and 300 and 200, so unfortunately can't help with the herpestat setup.
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