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Unhappy Needing HELP with new Tree frog issue!!!

Hi there,
My name is Erin and I am the new owner of an adorable Whites Tree Frog/Dumpy Tree Frog. She came to me unexpectedly yesterday when my aunt bought (paid for I picked her up) this beautiful girl as an early birthday gift for my son. She appears to be pretty healthy and the lady I picked her up from said she fed a couple crickets to Luna before I showed up but since bringing her home she isn't interested in the left over cricket in her enclosure (they keep escaping too lol) or any of her super worms. Luna is also hiding and has changed color from her beautiful bright green to almost a dark green or brown color. Any suggestions what might be causing this would be greatly appreciated. Her current temp is around 72.5f and humidity is at 75% and it is 8:50 pm. I turned her light off to see if that made her more active but nope. Help please!!!!
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Re: Needing HELP with new Tree frog issue!!!

Realistically, your frog changed colors because it is cold.

A couple details on White's tree frogs...

First, they require a decent amount of ventilation in their cages. Your standard ExoTerra style front opening enclosures with screen lids and ventilation in the front work well for this.

They also like to bask under heat lamps. If at all possible, try to get a basking spot in the cage with a surface area around 90 degrees F when measured with a non-contact thermometer. At the same time, keep the cool area around 75 or so.

Keeping humidity high enough can be a challenge in these conditions, so I'd recommend keeping the water dish under the general area of the heat lamp, keeping a moisture-retaining substrate in the cage (such as coco coir mixed with sphagnum moss), and maybe putting a couple reptile safe plants in there. Make sure the plants are safe, as crickets will probably chew on them and you don't want to transfer toxins via the crickets to your frog.
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frog buddie, help me please, nocturnal, tree frogs, whites tree frog

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