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New Reptile Bab - Wanting Advice and Opinions

HELLO, wonderful community!
I am, once again, requesting yals opinions~

Let me first go about saying that I am NOT getting my intended reptile-- a skink, actually-- anytime soon. I have two young cats who are very dependent on me, and an antisocial but still fun to care for hamster, so I plan on letting the hamster live out her life before I go about acquiring the skink and everything that's required for them.

I have obviously posted in the SsnakesS forums before, but this is the first time I'll be talking about/caring for ANY type of lizards. I will be getting a pair of Schneider's Skinks!

A pair, because they do well in pairs or communal groups, as the mounds of research I've done has been telling me~
As mentioned, I am already drowning myself in research to try and prepare as much as possible, but I am...Still nervous. Terrified, even.

I have had horrible luck with reptiles in the past. (I have made a thread about that specifically already.) My family itself seems to be cursed to never have them.
All of my previous reptiles were snakes, but they all either passed away from mysteriously unknown circumstances, circumstances caused by owner error...Or they escaped, and disappeared into the void. Also owner error. X'D

I do want to attempt one again-- with these skinks-- in the future when the time arises, but I sincerely and terrified of trying, only to have them die after VERY shortly living with me again.

My mother, bless her, is strongly against the idea and would rather I get rats instead of another reptile for the exact reason that we have such horrible luck with them. I am torn and leaning more toward the reptiles because...Quite frankly, I am afraid the rats will hurt the cats through the bars. (I truly am more afraid my my dumb little fur-gremlins getting hurt because they're too curious and stick their noses in there. Rat bites are gnarly!)

But again, Mom DOES make a good point about avoiding reptiles. I just...I don't know. I really don't. To me it seems like a safer option, but the fear of heartache is still there, looming. (Mom also pointed out that she feels like we are just...Taking reptiles home to kill them. That one hurt, but she was just being honest.)

I'm excited for the future skinks, and afraid of injuries if I get rats...But I'm also afraid of our "curse" striking again once I do get the skinks.

Opinions, anyone??
I really don't know what to do about this! I just need other voices to help me out.

Thanks in advance!
~ A Crazy Nature Child Who Loves All Things Scaly and Fluffy ~
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