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rsquared 12-30-02 02:55 PM

MUST READ! Eucalyptus Oil Attack! VERY IMPORTANT!
During a Eucalyptus oil cleansing for mites, my ball python got some of the oil in his cloaca. Luckily, my boyfriend and I acted very quickly and rinsed him off well before bringing him to an all-night veterenarian (Mississauga Emergency Veterinary Clinic on Mavis Rd.). They did not specialize in snakes, but did an excellent job of keeping the snake warm and clean. He was not very responsive, and would twitch and convulse if we touched him. We had given him up for dead when the vet injected some water with electrolytes under his skin. within an hour (2 hours after contact with the oil) he was regaining normal head movement and not twitching nearly as much. An hour or two later, he was back to normal, but we are still worried about his condition (this happened Saturday night, Dec. 28). Some of the scales on his stomach are flaky, and we want to make sure he's ok. We also gave him a couple mL of Pedialyte to balance the electrolytes and keep him hydrated, but I don't know of a good snake vet in Mississauga. If anyone has any information, please post me back ASAP. Otherwise, please, take care of your snake, and only use a small, dilluted amount of Eucalyptus oil on a cotton ball for mites, NEVER letting it get near the face OR cloaca!. You don't realize how much a snake can mean to you until you almost lose him.Thank you, Rachael.

Corey Woods 12-30-02 03:37 PM

There are a lot safer methods of treating mites than what you used. One bottle of Nix diluted in 1 gallon of water (3.9L) will do the trick and best of all IT'S SAFE! Don't mess around with risky's not worth it.


Jeff_Favelle 12-30-02 07:20 PM

Corey, I'm dumbfounded as to why people are using such untested and harmful methods for getting rid of mites. Its just something I cannot comprehend.

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