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Bearded dragon

Hello all!

I'm new to reptiles and I'm hoping to get some answers that will help me with a bearded dragon enclosure.

Here's the deal. My gf and I promised her son a new pet if he got b or better in school this semester. He got all a and one b. He decided he really liked bearded dragons after laying a bunch of ground rules(no dogs cats rodents as those are the rules of the apt complex not ours.) He decided on a bearded dragon. So here I am trying to make his dream happen.
I was hoping to start cheaply with its(dont know if he's getting a boy or girl) enclosure.
I was hoping that a 50 gallon sterilite stacker box that's clear and has 1/4 inch mesh attached to the lid over most of the box with 4 inches of play sand inside and some brick caves on both sides with driftwood inside and a 16in by 11 in heating pad on one side and a 150w heat lamp and 26w uvb 10.0 lamp on the other side in clamp lamps work as a temporary enclosure until I can build a bigger one?
I was going to cut out the top all except 2 inches around the inside of the lid and affix the 1/4 inch mesh which is galvanized to the lip with silicone and framing with thin wood stapled up through the bottom of the lid so the ends of the chicken wire are concealed safely from top and bottom angles.
Would this work? I've read that full grow dragons need 100 gallons or so but he wants a baby. I was hoping a juvenile will be okay in this until I acquire the stuff to build a bigger enclosure.
I've seen ppl keep them in 40 gallon glass aquarium so was hoping 50 gallons of plastic tote would make a temporary enclosure.
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