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How do people pull their more arboreal snakes out?

Simple title to a more complex issue

So I have a carpet python (4 years old now I guess?) and I currently have him in a large tub setup (new cage should be arriving mid-late April). Anyways, normally hes in his hide and I take some things out, remove his hide, pick him up. No problem.

However in the interest of getting him a little more calmer/used to handling I've been taking him out more often lately to sit with him and all that. However I needed to clean his cage the other day and he was on top of his little cross section of wood and immediately began backing up and reeling himself up like a fishing poll, quickly just becoming one with the wood.

I ended up just setting the wood in my living room and spend like 15-20 mins sitting there letting him try to explore, hoping he'd move off but he was too nervous I guess and didnt let go, however at on point I finally caught him w/ his tail and body just resting on top of the wood so I picked him up and proceeded to clean the tub.

So my question, as I've considered snakes like ATBs and other more arboreal snakes, when you need to pull these guys/gals out of their cages when YOU want them to come out, how do you go about it? I tried tickling my guys tail and that just made him wind up even tighter. Of course I'm concerned about hurting him so I dont try very hard to unwrap them if I dont have to but it just got me thinking about the snakes that are constantly up in a "tree" setup, how you guys get them out.

Maybe this should have been in the ATB section but I have a carpet sooooo here I am.

Anyways, heres a pic of my guy Nygma. Hope it comes out ok.
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