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Cockroaches in snake tank?

I just got a Black Kingsnake, just a baby now. However, sometimes I see some cockroaches in the house. They're small, about the size of my thumbnail.

My question is, if they get into the snake tank, can they harm the snake? Can they spread bacteria? If the snake eats them, will it get sick? If I cover the air slits in the tank wall, is there a way to make the tank breathable but insect-proof? Any advice would be highly appreciated.

I'm a first-time reptile owner.
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Re: Cockroaches in snake tank?

I think the Cockroaches could in theory harm the snake (similar to crickets) by chewing on it, so if I were you I would try to prevent them from getting in. I don't know what you tank looks like, but you could cover the holes into it with a mesh like window screen so that it keeps the insects out while stilling letting in air. hope this helps!
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