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Florida outlaws Reticulated

How many people here are Retic owners from Florida since they outlawed them? From what I read if you owned one before the ban your ok but you can't breed or sell them. I am waiting for more states to follow suit responsible snake owners always get punished for what people that have no idea what they get themselves into do.
I try to make sure my animals are secure in the enclosure and stay there.
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Re: Florida outlaws Reticulated

I used to live in Florida and bans like this make me feel good about leaving the state. I don't support bans on animals. Some animals require regulation due to their scarcity in the wild or potential harm if they escape but bans are foolish. The reasons given for this ban are ridiculous; the snakes are too valuable and too in demand for anyone to release them in to the wild, and are too messy/dangerous to not properly secure. This was clearly a solution in search of a problem. The law is also likely a violation of the due process clause of the US Constitution, but that is an issue for lawyers and the courts.

As a side note, I have never owned a large constrictor and don't plan to.
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Re: Florida outlaws Reticulated

I agree it's a lot more to it than what there saying but it's a slippery slope once you start banning where does it stop. Before my house burned to the ground I had Retics and really liked them I would hate to be told I can no longer own them.
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Re: Florida outlaws Reticulated

Not gonna lie I kind of like these types of bans. Though I would prefer regulations that would allow responsible pet owners to get these animals. Maybe people can start fighting for regulations. I more so am liking the tegu, iguana ban. I am getting tired of seeing these on CL and facebook post. I myself took in a red tegu that is missing nearly all of its toes do to improper care and humidity. There is no way there are enough people out there to care for these animals properly. Florida seems to be the place where all the larger tegu and green iguana breeders are located so I'm hoping to not see as many of these animals on the market in coming years. I also prefer these guys to be regulated but for now I think this ban is better than nothing.
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