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Unhappy my substrate smell!

I just noticed that my new carpets smell like hot rubber! I took them off and now I dont know what to use for substrate. My tank is 36" X 18". Currently, I put a bathroom cloth in his tank and im thinking about using this for him. It doesn`t smell anything when its hot at least! :P

any other ideas ?

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rubber smell!!!!!!1

the smell comming from the carpet is more then likley from the compound they use to bond the carpet fibers together(when heated , i had the same problem ) .. some times it can be harmful to snake but im not sure what kind of ailments can occure ..if you go to homedeepo you can get out door carpet or artificail astroturff......thats about the best info i can give you

good luck
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Well, it depends on what kind of bedding you're looking for - what kind of snake, and what kind of enclosure you're trying to maintain.

At stores like PetsMart or other larger pet stores, you can find reptile carpet (its kinda like thick felt) thats safe for use in snakes cages. Or you can go with the old stand-by's of newspaper or paper towels.

We've used bed-a-beast and reptibark with no problems (aside from the extra effort it takes to take care of a more particulate bedding). We also used aspen shavings, but our snakes liked to burrow and would get it in their mouth and nares, so we switched them over. Also if its real dusty, aspen can contribute to respiratory problems, plus it tends to be very drying. Others recommend using cypress mulch like you can get at Home Depot, etc. Just treat it with Proventamite or BlackKnight to rid it of buggies.
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Sounds like your UTH is allowed to get far too hot thus melting the rubber/plastic used in the carpet. Another thing to consider is that the heat can be causing the glues etc used to bond the materials to offgas. Either situation is creating an unhealthy environment for your snake.
Towels can make good substrates as they as easily cleaned, just be sure that their is no fabric softener used on them. Newspaper and papertowel are good as well. All of the above are universal substrates (can suit dry - humid environments), but we need to know what you are housing to give any other ideas.........
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We like using Cypress Mulch or Aspen shavings. 2 of our cages have astroturf but the problem with it is humidity, maintaining a higher humidity requires more work, such as misting or shallow waterbowls that need filling everyday.
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newspaper or paper towel, i was a huge fan of substrates but after making the switch i will never go back! is offline  
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very thin and easy to heat thru, thus making your hydro bills alot lower... is offline  
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I use blue shop towels, which is just blue paper towels that are super absorbent. They cost a little bit more than most things do, but they are very sanitary & safe. Disposable once soiled is nice & they absorb everything really well. Only probems I have with them is if the snake pushes them into the water at all they "siphon" all the h2o out of the dish & into the cage (too absorbant!). I have 1 female corn that seems to do this once in a while. Also this is a totally off the wall thing, but I did have an albino cal-king eat one before as well. I wouldn't even have known if I hadn't investigated a "blue poop" to find out that he had "passed" a shop towel!!! Mind you the snake in question usually tried to always eat everything anyhow & did try to eat a teatowel once also, but thats another story. Mark I.
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