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Cooling with Vents and USB Fans

Been a while since last here and still have a Woma Python in a AP Cages 6'x2'x2'. Currently trying to get the temp low enough, but can't seem to get it to low enough.

I have two strategies in mind:
More vent holes:
Grid paper to line them up then drill with 1/4" drill.
Hard to take them out once there, though can always cover them up or plug them with a glue gun.
Question: Along the top of the side panel in line with the ones it came with?

USB Fan:
I will start off with this post here:Can you use computer case fans?
Drafty, dry, carries scent being the main detractors.
The difference being is I have a Herpstat2 and would let the second port run on cooling mode. Not sure how well it works as the fan is not here yet, but will have to play with the settings in hopes that the draft is not excessive or constant. And yes, this would be on the outside of the cage through any holes present.
Question: Any one try anything close to this?
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Re: Cooling with Vents and USB Fans

What kind of heating are you using? If you are using a light I'd recommend a lower wattage bulb with a raised basking area that way the over all ambient temps don't get too high. Haven't had a woma in many years what temps are you aiming for and what are they at now?
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Re: Cooling with Vents and USB Fans

The above requested info would be useful.

As far as the fans, yes, people use them. There's a custom enclosure maker that includes them in all their enclosures. I think the trick is to use the fan to push air in rather than pull air out.
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