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Glass to Bin Enclosure Advise

My wife and I have 4 snakes now in commercial glass front opening enclosures but have been considering switching to a bin rack for better environmental, janitorial, and economical reasons but cannot find a source for the bins. Currently housing dwarf boas and ball pythons. Could someone share a source with us please.

We are wondering about the ambient temperature in a tub not being able to get warm enough in the room we have them in because it's temperature is maintained at around 68 F, also concerned that transferring to a tub may be cruel to our snakes. Any thoughts on this subject?
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Re: Glass to Bin Enclosure Advise

Reptile keepers typically use bins made by sterilite or iris but vision products and freedom breeders make some nice bins as well. Purchasing bins online and having them shipped will probably be your best bet but stores like Walmart and home improvement stores will have storage aisles that may have what you need.

Most snakes do not seem to mind tubs and you can use taller tubs than the typical sweater tub if the species is arboreal.

Racks with solid sides and a solid back tend to hold heat fairly well. You can also design a rack to utilize radiant heat panels between levels to raise ambient temperatures. I've even seen racks for lizards that offset the tubs to allow for basking lamps.

That said, you could also get a shelving unit for the existing cages to consolidate space. A rack isn't going to be much easier to maintain than a glass enclosure. The benefits to racks are generally efficiency of space and providing snakes with a private environment that helps them feel more secure. But if the current setups are meeting the needs of the snakes then change isn't really necessary.
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