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Hmmmm sooo I am new here and new to snakes in general, and I felt that maybe it would be beneficial for newcomers if we had an encyclopedia of sorts for the forum.

This should include any abbreviations, slang, signature writings such as 1.0 BP, and anything else you can think of that you would assume a newcomer or someone even just browsing through the site may not understand

So to start I'll add a few things I have learned in the past week

************************************************** ********
edit - updated list.
************************************************** ********

Adjustments made sorry about that

0.1 BP= One Female Ball Python
1.0 BP= One Male Ball Python
2.1 BP= Two Male Ball Python and One Female Ball Python etc...
AFT=African Fat Tail
AHS=African House Snake
ATB= Amazon Tree Boa
BALLS/BP= Ball Python
BCC= Boa Constrictor Constrictor
BCI= Boa Constrictor Imperator
BCL=Boa constrictor Longicauda
BCO=Boa Constrictor Occidentalis
BOI=Board of Inquiry
BRB= Brazilian Rainbow Boa
BTS=Blue Tongue Skink
BURM= Burmese Python
CBB=Captive Bred & Born
CH=Captive Hatched
CO-DOM Co-Dominant Trait
CP= Carpet Python
CWD=Chinese Water Dragon
DOM=Dominant Trait
ETB=Emerald Tree Boa
F/T= Frozen/Thawed
GTP= Green Tree Python
Herp= Herpetology/Herpetoculture (Study of Reptiles/Care for Reptiles)
HET= Heterzygous
HOMO = Homozygous
HOTS= Anything Poisonous
IBD=Inclusion Body Disease
IJCP=Irian Jaya Carpet Python
In Blue= State of Eye Color a Snake Has Before Shedding
JCP=Jungle Carpet Python
KSB=Kenyan Sand Boa
LOCKING=Breeding Event- Refers To the Tails “locked” Together With Insertion
LTC=Long Term Captive
MBD=Metabolic Bone Disease
MHD=Mountain Horned Dragon
Morph= "Color Phase" A Genetic Mutation That Alters Pigmentation
MVB=Mercury Vapor Bulb
PIPPING=When A Baby Snake Slits the Egg to Emerge
Pits=Snakes Belonging to the Pituophis Family
RES=Red Eared Slider
RETF=Red Eyed Tree Frog
RETIC= Reticulated Python
RI=Respiratory Infection
RSSB=Rough Scale Sand Boa
RTB=Red Tailed Boa
SIGB=Solomon Island Ground Boa
SNAPPERHEAD=Term for Blood/Short-Tailed Pythons
UTH=Under Tank Heater
VIV= Vivaria
WC=Wild Caught
WLP=White Lipped Python
WORMIE=Baby Snake
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