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Two strange deaths


Two of my corn snakes have recently died in very strange ways.
They both died overnight about 1 week apart from eachother, but somehow as soon as I found them they looked as if they were rotting from the inside (very bad smell, body was extremely weak and felt almost like pudding, and no I did not touch it with my hands).
The temperature is right with an external thermometer and a thermostat set to turn off the heating if it gets close to their max temp. I found both deaths very bizarre and I am now extremely worried for the rest of my snakes.

My suspicion is that there is something wrong with the mice I giving them, even though they come from a very trustworthy shop where I've bought all my snakes so far.
One of the two snakes also looked as if they suffered drom mouth rot, however this was never diagnosed as I wasn't able to see this until it was already dead. They were both less than a year old, so seeing a strange death at that age is not too uncommon.

Does anyone have any clues on what might have caused this and if this could be an infection that could potentially spread to the rest of my snakes? Any ideas on what I could do to prevent this from happening to the rest of my snakes?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Two strange deaths

I would have refrigerated the second snake and brought it to a veterinarian for a necropsy. If a third snake dies then you should do that.

Were the snake related? If yes then the problem could have been genetic or a result of an incubation problem.

Could there have been a failure of your heating system?

I'm not sure that bad mice would cause such an issue. You might be looking at something like crypto, though hopefully not. A healthy snake in a cage near the cages of the deceased snakes could be brought to the veterinarian and have swabs/cultures done to attempt to identify an illness.
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