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What snake is it? Poisonous?


This afternoon I was walking the dog and saw this snake.
It was around 1.5 meters. This is near Valencia, Spain.

What kind of snake is it?
Is it poisonous?

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Re: What snake is it? Poisonous?

I live in Spain too (Near Pamplona)!
Anyway, that appears to be a ladder snake (Rhinechis scalaris). These snakes have teeth, but no venom, so although they are a very intimidating snake species, it is completely harmless. I have caught a lot of these snakes and although they have a painful bite, there is no venom so a little blood is all it is. As a general rule of thumb, if you see a big snake in Spain, it is harmless, it is the smaller ones you have to be careful of. Spain is home to 3-5 (depending on who you ask the differentiation of species is different...) species of vipers, all of which have potentially dangerous bites. All of these vipers are pretty rare, so I wouldn't worry about encountering them very often (in my 5+ years of searching for snakes I have encountered 3 vipers). With that said, there is one species of snake called the montpellier snake or the culebra bastarda (Malpolon monspessulanus) Which is venomous and is (again depending on who you ask) europes largest snake growing to be 2m+, and is mildly venomous, however this is nothing more than some swelling and bruising if bitten.

This is probably a lot more of information than you were looking for... but I figure too much is better than not enough... Hope this helps!

Ladder snake:

Venomous viper:
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Re: What snake is it? Poisonous?

OK, ReptiWorldWide, thank you very much.
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poison, snake

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