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Exclamation please help

hello, I am new to the reptile keeping community and am looking into purchasing my first snake. It will be an Australian children's python (juvenile), I have done my research I just have a few more questions that hopefully someone can help me with. any advice/replies are much appreciated.

ive been told that a tub system with a 7-14w heat mat under one third of it would be better for a young snake, however I do want to eventually move the animal into a vivarium plus ive heard its better to be able to have a day and night cycle anyway (Reptile One Vivarium Reptile Enclosure 120x60x60cm with a 150 w bulb) there would also be mixed substrate. is this okay to do or will it cause too much stress to change its living space after a few years? the vivarium is my preferred enclosure (for aesthetic reasons) and I would have a variety of substrates in the enclosure. The cold side of the tank would have a mix of cocohusk and leaf litter (the leaves would be treated before being placed in), the hot side of the tank would have reptile tile, in-between the tile there would be sand. is it okay to mix these together and should I be worried about cocohusk getting stuck in the heat pits or the tile getting too hot and burning them?

Another concern I have is the humidity levels, I am considering keeping a humidity hide in the enclosure, essentially a box filled with moss, (along side the other two hides and branch) should I take the box out at certain times to avoid scale rot and when/how long should the box be in there.

the last problem ive encountered with setting things up is the temperature of the room (there is no alternative room) the snake will be kept in, it gets pretty hot, not sure how hot I will be running tests before hand but if it does get into the 30s (Celsius) what should I do to help regulate the temperature.
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