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Regarding Handling My New Boa...

Hey guys, new to the forum, but just seeking more opinions. I recently picked up a Sub-Adult Male Red Tail. He was apparently mistreated, rarely handled and not fed properly. Main reason I picked him up was because he needed a home and I wanted to take on the challenge. He's not my first snake I have a few other pythons, but he is my first Boa. So, I can only handle him for about 2min before he starts trying to run away, and if you keep moving your hands across his body while he tries eventually he will turn around and strike multiple times. This happened the first few times I handled him, Now once he starts to freak out and run I quickly put him back in his enclosure to calm down. Before I attempt to pick him up I reach my hand in his enclosure and can basically pet him however I like and he'll even let me put my hand under his head and manipulate his head around, but still does not like to be handled. I'm still new to the game, so any tips and information will do. I'm not super worried if its too late to get him more comfortable with being handled, I really just wanted him to have a good and safe home. I am more of a python guy As well I have a 1yr old so I would like to be able to take him out with him around and not have to worry as much since he likes seeing my other snakes. I'll appreciate any help I can get!!!
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Re: Regarding Handling My New Boa...

How often are you handling the boa? Very frequent sessions will do more harm than good. Also, does the boa still want to eat? If so, make sure it gets at least three meals all the way down before you start handling it again a few days after the third feed.
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Re: Regarding Handling My New Boa...

you want to just handle him a few times a week for real short periods like a couple minutes. You want positive interactions with the animal so it doesn't feel threatened when you hold it.
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