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Will this make a Dumeril's happy?

Hi everyone. So I am planning on getting a male Dumeril's boa soon. I am going to get an AP T8 enclosure(4x2x1). I am thinking that an 80watt RHP with a herpstat thermostat will take care of the heating. I will place the RHP on one side and the thermostat probe on the other side, set to low side ambient temp. So onto the questions.
Does this sound like acceptable housing/heat for a Dumeril's?
Am I missing naything major?

Appreciate any information in advance!
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Re: Will this make a Dumeril's happy?

To start off with, I have several T8s and T10s. I think they are great enclosures.

The T-8 is going to be too short, vertically, for a Dumeril's boa. The snake isn't going to spend its entire life on the floor, it will need perches. A T8 won't have enough room for a perch that the snake can comfortably sit under and on top of.

A T-10 should work. I keep Irian Jaya carpet pythons, which are roughly similar in size to Dumeril's boas (though the boas might get a little thicker). My pythons seem to be doing well in their T-10s with 4' perches that run down the middle of them.

Having made several purchases from AP, it wouldn't be difficult to contact them and change your order.
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