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Unhappy Corn Hyperactive and Rubbing Nose

Hello all,

I have had my corn snake for 8 months and he's an adult. I believe he came to me with an RI, which I treated with intramuscular injections of an antibiotic. I'm scared it has come back as I've heard a few breaths and sneezes. He also just started rubbing his nose on everything even after shedding. Yesterday he started acting very hyperactive, going all around his enclosure and up to the top frequently as if plotting to make a great escape; I have never seen him act this way for such an extended period of time though (24 hours). I am very careful about temp and humidity. I plan on taking him to the vet soon when I get my next paycheck but I'm worried! How serious is this, I don't want to lose him Any advice appreciated.
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Re: Corn Hyperactive and Rubbing Nose

So, it is breeding season and adult snakes might act a little funny because they are looking to reproduce. Hyperactivity is common in breeding age snakes.

Is the snake draining fluid from the nose/mouth? Is there swelling in the first third of the snake? Is the loud breathing an all the time thing or maybe just when the snake is startled and exhales quickly?

I'm not trying to dissuade you from a very visit, there's nothing wrong with doing a culture and treating an illness if one is present. It is possible that your past experience is making you see problems where they aren't.

If you do think there is a problem then you can give the snake a basking spot. Corn snakes will make use of basking spots with surface temperatures up to 100 F (as read by an infrared thermometer, not a standard digital or analog one). That will allow the snake to warm itself up more than usual to boost its immune system.
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Re: Corn Hyperactive and Rubbing Nose

I have not noticed any fluid draining from nose or mouth, no swelling in first third. I hear the breathing sometimes, and I've heard and seen distinct sneezes. He has definitely been spending more time in his hot hide, but other than that he seems happy. I have seen a little more mouth breathing which is concerning, but he is still eating, pooping, shedding normally which is why I'm hesitant to spend $100 at the vet for them to tell me he's just fine. Thank you for the advice!
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advice needed, corn snake

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