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Re: What are these? Burns?

Originally Posted by shaunyboy View Post
i've have an adult Carpet Pythons,that will only eat 1 large prey item every 4 to 6 weeks,no matter how small,large,etc,the prey,she refuses to eat until at least 4 weeks has past.....

i fine tuned her temperatures,according as to how she used her tank to thermoregulate

i tried offering every 10 days,every 14 days,etc,but it had to be just over 28 days,before hammering down her prey

imo snakes can be weird wee beasties

cheers shaun
They really are!! I WAS feeding him every 7 days, but felt like it was a little too often, so i stretched it to every 2 weeks. Usually a day or two before feeding day, he would start wandering his cage and spend all night attempting to escape, and feeding him would stop all's still wandering, still trying to escape, but won't eat. =/
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