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An update for you

So I took my ball python in and yes, they believe it is a RI. She doesnít breath with her mouth open and there are no snotty bubbles, but she is definitely whistling when she breathes. We gave her a shot of Araikacin (spelling?) Sulfate. Now every 3 days I am supposed to give her a .04 mg shot of this stuff for 6 more shots. Tomorrow will be the 3rd shot and currently she is still wheezing.

She didnít eat last week because she was about to shed. I soaked her today and got the last of her shed off her head and eyes, and so she ate very well today. Iím hoping that with having her shed, having some medicine in her, and a infrared heat lamp on her all the time, she will get better soon. The thermometer by the 75 watt lamp reads about 90. Should I get another infrared lamp and put that also on her tank to make it warmer? I donít know how to increase the humidity in her tank other than using a spray bottle and wetting things down. I will just turn on the humidifier in the room that I use when I am sick.

You said to avoid using Baytri, and to try Fortaz because it will cause less damage to the snake. What sort of damage can be caused by these meds?

Thanks for your help everyone!
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