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Whistling snake- humidity or no humidity?

Today I went to the shop where I get all our snake food. I made good friends with the owners and hang out with them. I asked one of them today about the whistling nose bit (the one I asked happens to be the least knowledgeable on snakes in my opinion, but he was the only one there) and he said that I should not increase the humidity, that I should take her hidey hole out of her tank and increase the temp- to try to dry her. Now when I am sick, I tend to turn on a humidifier to help clear my head, but at the same time, I may take suppressant medicine to breath easier. What should I do tonight? Bust out my humidifier or turn up the heat? Itís obvious that she is about to shed, but when I soak her in water it makes her whistling worse. I talked to one of the other owners later this evening and she said that I can bring her in tomorrow for medicine if needed be. I forgot to ask her about the humidity and I think itís too late to call her now. I turn to all of you.... Humidity, or no humidity?

I just found homes for my 4 snake ladies: ball python, colombian boa, hogg isle boa, and a burmese. *sniff* How I miss them so...

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