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If it continues, chances are your ball is developing signs of a resperitory infections. Check all you temps and make sure the're fine. Even to make sure, I would raise my hot spot to a good 90 to even 100. This will not harm your snake wether he has or not a RI. Keep it at that high for about a month.

Also try to keep the humidity very high. If it has just begun, chances are this will heal it no problem, although once a snake has RI, he is stuck wiht it all his life.. meaning if its a bit too cold on an other day, the RI will come back again.

Only if you still hear it after a week of the higher temps or it seems to have gotten worst over night, I would suggest going to the vet and obtaining the famous Baythrill and start him up on it.

Again .. this is what it could be, but not nessecerally - its hard to say without seing the snake! Just keep a close eye on him and let us know lots of detail.
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