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Just saying Hi

New here, but not new to reptiles. Been working with them for most of the last 25 years, was away for awhile but started back about 8 months ago. Currently building my future breeding projects, just making what I like.
I currently have
1.0 Pied
1.0 Banana YB
1.0 Mojave
1.0 triple het VPI/Clown/Pied
1.0 Pastel Butter Clown
1.0 DH Candy Clown
1.0 Candy het Clown
0.1 Normal
0.1 Pastel
0.1 Spider
0.1 Banana Pied
0.1 Pastel Nanny Clown
0.1 Pastel Enchi Clown
0.1 Champagne Pastel
0.1 Bambee
0.1 Fire het Clown
0.1 Normal het Clown
0.1 Leopard Spider
0.1 Pastel DH Clown/Pied
0.1 Pastel DH Candy/Clown
0.1 Pied het Clown
0.1 Lesser Leopard Enchi het Clown ph Pied

Look forward to getting to know everyone
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