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Kind of a crappy question...about pooping lol

Hi everyone. So I got my boa March 28th. Since then she has faithfully eaten each week. A total of 3 times (fuzzy rats). Since I for her though she has not passed any waste. I don't see/smell one single urate in her cage. She was a bit on the small side when I got her so I am wondering if she is just using up most of the food. Hor colaca doesn't seem bulgy or clogged.

My question is should I be worried? Today is feeding day. Should I continue feeding as usual or wait for her to poop?

Appreciate any insight.

ETA: Temps are 88-90 on the hot side and 78-80 on the cool side. Viv heated with a RHP on a thermostat. Humidity hovers around 40.
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