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How to find local breeders?

My husband and I have been wanting to add a snake to our menagerie for ages and we were ready to take the plunge last year. A friend of mine on the rabbit forums recommended going to a reptile EXPO to get both the snake and supplies for a number of reasons and it sounded like a great plan, so we bought tickets a few months in advance and started doing our research, thinking we'd get a snake that summer. Then... freaking cOrOnA ViRuS happened. So, we got three chickie girls and two duck boys instead, lol.

Now our poultry are all settled in and our "new family member" slush fund is replenished... but we need a different plan for where to actually obtain a snake (I doubt anyone here needs me to explain why we're not just gonna run to the nearest pet store, lol). Money is somewhat an issue, though - we don't want to have to pay shipping costs, because that would leave us with less money to spend on habitat setup.

Does this forum have a breeder database or anything like that? Or does anyone know of a reputable breeder in the greater Houston area? We live near the Woodlands but would be willing to travel maybe an hour/1.5 hrs one way to get a snake. Specifically, we're looking for a snake that is or will get BIG and will enjoy being socialized... most likely, a kingsnake or corn snake.
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