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First time I will feed a lizard I need your help

Hi guys, I just joined you.

I want to keep a chameleon in my own home in a terrarium because of its unique colors. But I have some reservations, frankly I am not someone who has kept a lot of pets. We have a small child at home, I do not want to harm him and the lizard.

I do various researches on the internet, I believe that I will love to feed lizards, even though they are like unknown and unpopular animals in many countries. According to the information I got from a source, a 150 * 80 cm terrarium is enough for these beautiful animals (

My questions are

1. Is it dangerous for my child? How are biting habits? Can they give permanent wounds?
2. Can he escape from the terrarium we made for him? Would it hurt if it ran away? Is this terrarium enough for him?
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