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January Photo Contest

Welcome to's Monthly Photo Contest!

It's been a while since I've won a photo contest - I have proposed this as January's theme:

"Up Close and Personal" - Reptile Faces!

The rules are as follows:
1) Each participant is allowed only one entry. Photos submitted by anyone must be taken by you and not be a picture from the internet.

2) Pictures must be related to reptiles only and must be within the theme set by last month's winner in order to be eligible.

3) The winner may choose the theme for the next contest, but may not participate in it.

4) It is understood that the winner gives his or her permission for their winning entry to be posted on the portal page, and/or otherwise used by with credit being given to the photographer.

5) No photoshopping. Minor edits are OK, but the photo must be as close to the original as possible.

The winner will be chosen by a poll conducted on the forum.

The deadline to submit is Saturday, January 28, at midnight Eastern Standard US time. After that we will vote.

Please note: this thread is for submissions only. If you wish to discuss the contest/submissions, please post in this month's discussion thread.
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Re: January Photo Contest

Keep Low. Move Fast. Kill First. Die Last. One Shot. One Kill. - Educated keeper forever evolving.
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Re: January Photo Contest

2 Black Rats,1 Dwarf Retic,2 Texas Indigo,1 Albino Chinese Beauty,1 Bull,1 Tiger Rat,1 Black Milk,1 Apricot Pueblan,1 YT Cribo,2 Garters,7 Corn Snakes,1 Brooksi,1 VBB,1 MBK,1 Everglades Rat,1 Bairds Rat,1 Albino Cal King,1 Pied BP,1 Dumerils Boa,2 Rattlesnakes
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Re: January Photo Contest

Research, research, research and more research then buy your reptile. Fail to Prepare, then Prepare to Fail
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Re: January Photo Contest

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Re: January Photo Contest

From Repticon last year.

0.0.1 ball python Bud - 3.3 BI Cloud, sunglow Nymeria, ghost Tirel, anery motley Crona, ghost Howl, jungle Dominika - 2.0 garter snake eastern Demigod, checkered Draco - 0.1 retic Riverrun - 2.1 BRB Sanji, hypo Homura, Picasso stripe Morzan - RIP Guin, 0.1 Picasso stripe BRB
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Re: January Photo Contest

Quicksilver, my Purple Passion ball python. His beautiful silver eyes never cease to amaze me.

0.1 Woma Python, 2.2 Ball Pythons, 1.0 Western Hognose, 5.2 Corn Snakes, 1.0 Apricot Pueblan x Nelson's Intergrade Milk Snake, 0.1 Mexican Milk Snake, 2.2 Black Milk Snakes, 1.1 California Red-Sided Garters, 1.1 Trans-Pecos Rat Snakes, 1.2 Russian Rat Snakes
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Re: January Photo Contest

1.1 Columbian Rainbow Boas | 1.0 White Lipped/D'Alberts Python | 0.1.1 Gargoyle Gecko | 0.0.1 Crested Gecko | 1.0 Cat | 0.1 Boxweiler | 1.0 Human
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Re: January Photo Contest

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Re: January Photo Contest

This is etso my boa longicauda and his cute face
Attached Images
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Re: January Photo Contest

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Re: January Photo Contest

1.0 Normal BP, 3.2 Boa Imperator = Albino, Motley, Hypo Hog, Normal, Ghost.
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