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Wink I need help choosing what to do!!

Ok im new with snakes so bare with me here, but just yesterday I've found a tiny red bellied snake under a wood pile we have. Would it be a good idea to keep it? I've done all of my research on the little guy and I know what he's supposed to eat and stuff like that, but since he's so small and won't get very big at all I was wondering if I could keep it as a first timer. I know a better first snake is a corn snake but I can't get those anywhere near where I live. So please let me know asap! I really want to keep him, but if I have to let it go I will thank you.
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Re: I need help choosing what to do!!

Any chance that you've got an eastern worm snake? If yes then your best bet for keeping it is to set up an isopod farm and place the snake in it. But be warned, having a worm snake is like having a pet jar of dirt.

You're probably better off letting the snake go and finding a captive bred snake to keep as a pet.
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Re: I need help choosing what to do!!

I agree, you're better off getting a well established captive bred snake. Buying from a reputable breeder will basically guarantee you a healthy animal. With wild caught animals you never know what parasites or illnesses the animal may be carrying. Also, being new to snakes, you wouldn't know what mannerisms and demeanors a healthy snake would have, so it would be extremely difficult to identify warning signs of an unhealthy snake. Snakes are very good at hiding illness, so before a new keeper is able to identify an issue it could likely be too late.

Also, check out and you'll find plenty of corn snakes for sale. I just checked and there are 346 corns currently available. Not to mention plenty of other species.
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Re: I need help choosing what to do!!

Check advertisement in your city. Must be notes from ppl who have snake but want to get rid of it for some reason. So you can have snake and viv for free.
Sorry my English Feel free to correct my mistakes.
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Re: I need help choosing what to do!!

I don't think that there is anything wrong with keeping a few wild herps, as long as the species/population is sustainable, it is not legally protected, and you are prepared to care for it properly for the rest of its life.
I have kept red bellied snakes. They are neat terrarium animals, but for most people, they don't make very satisfying captives. First, they are really too small and delicate to be handled much. Second, they are escape artists. It can be very challenging to design an enclosure that they won't find a way out of. The best thing to feed them is small earthworms, but not red wigglers. You will have to figure out a way of getting it to eat the worms before they burrow into the substrate.
I think that red bellied snakes are a very poor choice for a first snake, and I think keeping one simply because that's all you can find is a poor reason to get one.
Your idea to get a corn snake is much more practical. As long as FedEx delivers to your area, you can obtain a corn snake.
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