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Sick burmese python?

I've had snakes for a long time and I know that one of the first things I will be told is to take my snake to the vet. I have taken her and will be taking her again, but until then I'm hoping someone might have some helpful information? I've never had any problems with her. She is an albino burmese python about 9 years old. Any time she has been sick in the past, she stops eating. Right now she has still been eating as well as hungry. About 2 weeks ago, she threw up for the first time in the 9 years I've owned her. It was mostly fur and clear liquid and didn't smell very bad (and yes, it was puke, I saw her vomit) She has been acting fine, her temperatures are fine, but it freaked me out. I took her in expecting a possible respiratory problem because that's usually the case anytime she is sick (she is very sensitive to any environmental changes) but the vet said that wasn't the case and that she seemed healthy and it was likely a fluke. He is one of the top reptile vets in my state and I really trust him. He said it could potentially be parasites and so she was given antibiotics. Today, about 2 weeks from then, (she ate 2 rabbits Monday and is still acting fine) I came home from work today to notice that she had peed but there were also what looked like small mucus-like chunks? It doesn't look like she threw up but I don't know what this could be. She yawned so I got a good look at the inside of her mouth and she doesn't have any excessive saliva that I can see. I don't hear her breathing and she isn't bubbling. She looks healthy??? But I am so concerned because I don't know where this mucus came from? I don't know if it came from her butt or her mouth. I'm not overly concerned if it came from her butt, just scared that there could be a bigger problem going on.
I didn't know where else to come and look for help so here I am now. Any ideas? Has anyone ever had something like this happen with one of their snakes?
Please don't tell me to take her to the vet. I will already be scheduling another appointment for her first thing tomorrow morning and she will likely get in within a few days.
By the way, her bathroom tendencies seem fine too.
Thank you in advance.

Also, I hope this is posted in the right place. This is my first time using this website and I'm not very good with technology.
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Re: Sick burmese python?

You need testing done. Nothing anyone here can really tell you. Sorry.
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Re: Sick burmese python?

It looks like you fed the snake two rabbits in one sitting. That could have been an appropriate amount of food given the weight of the snake compared to the weight of the rabbits, but it could be too much. Snakes will regurgitate food if they're spooked by something and they're easier to spook when full.

Additionally, antibiotics are not used to treat parasites. If the vet really gave the snake antibiotics for a potential parasite load instead of giving meds for parasites then you might want to rethink your opinion of the vet. Unless the vet thought the parasites caused a bacterial infection, but...

... really, back to what Aaron said. You need some cultures and similar tests run to figure out exactly what is going on. There's no point in antibiotics if there's no bacterial infection and you need to know which parasites you're dealing with to know which kinds of medications will work on that variety of parasite.

Beyond that, keep double-checking the temperatures, humidity, etc, and have a vet do their thing.
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She always eats 2 rabbits per feeding as that is the proper size and amount for her. I also give her time in between rabbits. Usually an hour or so (if that even does anything)
I don't think she was spooked, however; it happened immediately after a shed where she was pushing her belly against the cage HARD.

When I said antibiotics, that's not what I meant, I apologize. I mean, he just treated for the parasites it wasn't antibiotics it was whatever they normally give to treat snakes or reptiles for parasites. I just can't remember stuff I'm told very well- poor memory.. so I'm sorry for that confusion

The mucus like substance I found was indeed just something that came out when she peed. I'm not worried about it anymore. She is, as far as I am concerned, back to her normal snakey self.

I will continue to keep a close eye on her as always and when in doubt, take her to the vet.

Although I didn't see either of these replies sooner, I really do appreciate the help : )
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burmese python, help and advice, sick python

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