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Exclamation Mites!

Hey, I have a snake collection of 22 Pythons.

I had a mite break out before I moved homes, I treated them for about two months with prevent-a-mite and a betadine bath (for any wounds). I disinfected their enclosures with bleach and bagged up all their decorations. I did this for a two month period before moving them to the new house. I kept up with this treatment for about two months till it looked like all the mites were gone. they're not gone! and their numbers have increased and it does not look like the prevent a mite is actually doing anything. I can't seem to get ahead of them. They're being housed in their enclosures on paper towels, constantly cleaning them, constantly bathing them. I just can't seem to get rid of these Damn mites. Is there any advice anyone can give me that will help. I've tried eco earth in the room (with the reptiles removed to get ride of the mites in the carpets and other) I've done prevent a mite, diatom powder, dish soup (haven't gone for the pam technique because of the horrible problems I've read about complications to the reptiles after use). and I just heard about the nix solution which I'm hesitant to try because its for head lice and not Mites. Has anyone tried this method or any other method not listed above? and can anyone give me advice on how to rid my babies of these damn persistent pests!
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Re: Mites!

Welcome! Mites are a pain, there are many methods to treat them with. Nix actually works very well, and another option are predatory mites.

I can type a whole bunch of info here, but I have typed it all before. you can read it here: mite prevention / treatment informative thread
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Re: Mites!

Oh, and welcome to SsnakesS...Mr./Mrs 22 Snakes and counting!
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Re: Mites!

Nix 100% for the win. Works great and I wouldn't use any other treatment.
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Re: Mites!

Predatory mites for me. Don't like idea of chemicals around my snakes and predatory mites are 100% effective and safe.
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Albert Clark
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Re: Mites!

Wow, 22 pythons is a big collection and you need to focus on the sanitary conditions of each enclosure. Not that you don't, but not eradicating the infestation means you have to start at ground zero. That means more attention to detail when it comes to each enclosure. The other important factors are Provent a mite needs to work in conjunction with the "Natural Chemistry" product that is applied directly on the snake/s. Your treatment with Provent a mite and natural chemistry is a tried and ( if used correctly) proven treatment for mites. Keepers get into trouble when they misuse the products and overspray, don't remove water bowls, and fail to adequately allow the provent a mite to dry before reintroducing the animal to the enclosure. Also failing to use the Natural Chemistry application in addition to Proventamite.

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Re: Mites!

We have a python that is not a fan of PAM in any form (she started corkscrewing after we sprayed her tank, even after letting it air out for about 8 hours). So we used Nix for 2 months. It was a HUGE pain in the rear-end, but we haven't seen any mites since, and our last treatment was about 3 weeks ago. We just put substrate down about a week ago after 2 months on paper towels.

Read Tsubaki's post. The only addition I made to that post was Nix treatments were done once a week instead of her recommended every 10 days. We got better efficacy with once a week, and doing break-through snake treatment with Nix between enclosure cleanings. From mite infestation to last treatment was close to 3 months; Nix is what eradicated them.
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Jim Smith
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Re: Mites!

I'm with dannybgooe on this one; though not necessarily for the same reasons. Over a six month period, I tried PAM and NIX both multiple times on the two enclosures where I had mites. I even cleaned and sterilized the enclosures each time, yet the mites kept coming back. I finally found the article on predatory mites and gave them a try. I had enough to treat all five of my enclosures so I did. Within a week or so the mites were gone for good. No spraying, cleaning etc, simply add a bit of the medium with the predatory mites in it and let them do their thing. That is the only way I will treat for mite in the future. It does cost just a bit more, but it is so easy and effective that it's worth every penny to me.
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Re: Mites!

I used reptile relief once back in the late early 00's, it was expensive and smelled awful, but it worked. Maybe they've improved their formula since but it's not something I'd use. Since then for any mite issues, nix has always worked for me quickly and effectively...including when I had some come in from a PERSON visiting to purchase when I had 75 adults and quite a few hatchlings all in the same room. I swear by it and wish that I could know what was missed or what was done wrong for the people that it hasn't worked for. I recently took in a male on loan and he was sprayed as he entered the house and retreated 3 days after. Turned out that he had a few mites, doesn't now after a week of being here. Another few treatments before he gets to leave quarantine and say "hello" though. I'd be open to predatory mites if it were more practical for me.
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