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Wiring a Rheostat in 5 steps.

Warning!!! By following these steps you will void your warrenty for the heat pad. By modifying the pad it is no longer CSA approved which means that should it ever be the cause of a fire your insurance may not cover you because you have modified the equipment.

Step 1, equipment.
1. Exo-Terra 8watt heat wave heat pad.
2. Connectors.
3. Levitron 700w rotary dimmer.

Step 2, Remove insulation from leads.
Cut one lead where ever you want your dimmer to be on cord.
Strip about 1cm of insulation off both ends of the lead you just cut. Remove the insulation off the dimmers leads. There are three wires on the dimmer the green one is the ground. It is not needed for this. If you mount the dimmer in an electrical box you can ground it to the box.

Step 3, Conect the leads.
Twist the leads together in series and install the connector by twisting it on to the wires.

Step 4 Repeat step 3 for the other lead.

Step 5, label the dimmer and secure the leads.

All my heat pads are connected this way. By doing this I have a greater measure of control. Not only can I turn the heat pad down to the rquired basking temp for a particular animal but I can bump it up if I need to treat a sick animal.

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