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View Poll Results: What's your favourite snake family?
Boidae 132 19.33%
Pythonidae 262 38.36%
Colubridae 180 26.35%
Viperidae 44 6.44%
Elapidae 22 3.22%
Tropidophiidae (Dwarf Boas) 11 1.61%
Atractaspididae (Burrowing Asps) 0 0%
Xenopeltidae (Sunbeam Snakes) 8 1.17%
Other 24 3.51%
Voters: 683. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02-14-16, 10:05 AM   #91
EL Ziggy
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

When I originally voted in this poll I chose colubrids. Now that I've had my carpets for a while I'll have to say they're my favorites. I love the way they move and their semi arboreal traits. I used to think the husbandry was more complicated, which it isn't, and there's tons of diversity.
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Old 02-23-16, 12:13 PM   #92
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

Hands down I choose any boa (boidae). I love the way their head is shaped and their generally calm demeanor. Ive been around a lot of them in my life, and finally got one last week ^-^
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Old 02-23-16, 12:41 PM   #93
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

So I voted on this a long time ago, but it seems I never posted!

I chose boidae, hands down, no contest. I love their stream-lined faces, and I really love the semi-arboreal species like rainbow boas and boa constrictors. I also really love their slow metabolisms, even if it causes them to grow slowly and seem to stay small forever. lol There's a lot of variety in morphs, but not enough that it gets boring and you think "another morph? seriously?" even if you think the morph is beautiful and unique it still kinda just blends in with everything else, like with ball pythons or corn snakes.

I like the patience it takes to wait for them to become mature, even if you want them to grow up fast, I just like that slower pace, seems rewarding when they finally get to size. Also, there's hardly a species in the other groups that beats a Brazilian rainbow boa or boa constrictor for color and pattern in my book. Retics are the only ones that come close (have you seen the jaguar retics???? wow).
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Old 02-23-16, 02:11 PM   #94
D Grade
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

I think I originally voted for Colubrid's, but mine has now changed to Viperidae (more specifically Crotalus species and various other Pit Vipers, but really all Vipers in general) since I started keeping venomous.
Anatolius - 1.0 Honduran Milk (Lampropeltis Triangulum Hondurensis) Valentina - 0.1 Sonoran Gopher (Pituophis Catenifer Affinis) Medusa - 0.1 Black-Tailed Rattlesnake (Crotalus Molossus Molossus) Bubba - 1.0 AZ Mountain King (Lampropeltis Pyromelana)
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Old 02-24-16, 02:06 PM   #95
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

Mine by far are the pituophis clan because of their grumpy attitudes. I love the hissing and tail rattling. It makes me laugh. To me they have the most personality of any snake.
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Old 04-16-16, 01:21 AM   #96
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

Colubridae specifically indgo snake growing up in Florida I always loved finding them especially the big ones it's a shame I can't keep one following up would be kingsnakes of any type I really like native species and natural colors
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Old 07-30-16, 04:03 PM   #97
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

All snakes families!!!)))))
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Old 08-04-16, 08:57 AM   #98
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

I had a hard time choosing between python and colubrid. I have 2 corn snakes ('brids) and a ball python. In the end i decided python because they have so many color morphs and patterns, but i like all kinds of snakes, even if i dont know what they are, just snakes in general are awesome.
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Old 11-24-16, 11:41 PM   #99
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

That's hard. Unlike many the exotic nature of a snake isn't really part of their appeal and the colors aren't real high on the list. Right now my interests run toward some of the rather plain looking North American native colubrids for their simplicity, tendency to copy poisonous snakes, and being tough as nails. I like rosy and sand boas for their easy temperament and variety of locality colors before you even get into the captive morphs (although I want anerys). I like the blood python specifically out of pythons for a variety of reasons and when I get one this might be my favorite but I haven't gotten there yet. I'm testing the waters from my calm, slow, 3' max rosy boas with a bull snake shipping Monday.
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Old 12-19-16, 09:50 AM   #100
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

I've always loved red tail boas. I've personally thought they were the most beautiful snakes out there. I just bought my first one, and I'm in absolute love with her. That was when I was younger, now that I've been involved with snakes and other reptiles, I've been redirected in multiple directions when it comes to beauty. There are so many different morphs out there that I love, especially with ball pythons, which I've had 3. To this day, my favorite resides with the red tail
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Old 01-01-17, 04:09 PM   #101
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

Elapidae without doubt. Active hunters, interesting, intelligent. You stare into the eyes of a N. melanoleuca, and you know he's staring right back at you.

Too bad I can't keep any of them... besides not having a license, it's just not responsible when having small kids around, regardless of security measures you may take.
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Old 01-05-17, 10:28 AM   #102
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

I chose boidae, but I'm torn between pythonidae too. I have a burmese that has the most amazing personality I've ever seen (which isn't saying a lot because I've only ever seen 1 up close and personal). She will come right up to the top of her tank and literally give you a kiss on your face if you let her. She loves to snuggle. Just has an amazing personality, even when she gets hissy, which is quite terrifying too.

But I have red tail boas that are just super chill. They will hang out on your desk and stare at you for hours. They will snuggle and watch snake videos with you on the couch. And I love their little faces.

And there's the retic. So full of energy, so inquisitive. Beautiful colours to boot.

Seeing those cobra pics up above though were pretty impressive. I'm terrified of venomous snakes, but I love to look at pics of them. So amazing and regal creatures.
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Old 01-05-17, 12:15 PM   #103
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

It's pretty much what I expected the vote would be without looking at the replies.

Pythons have always been hugely popular and colubrids too. Boas I think just have less diversity of species being easily/commonly kept.

Colubrids are sneaky in their popularity but a ton of large scale breeders produce hundreds upon hundreds and sell them all.
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Old 02-13-17, 11:05 PM   #104
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

I am fascinated with venomous snakes. I have owned a western diamondback and copperhead. But I've got out of that. My new favorite is my red tail boa!!
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Old 03-16-17, 01:28 PM   #105
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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

Honestly I feel like I don't have enough experience with different snake families to have a favorite. I had a sand boa and I like that most boas are pretty chill. I've had a few colubrids. I have one now that looks like a mini python
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