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Exclamation Woma Pythons

Iím having a problem with my male woma, hopefully some of you might be able to help.
Iíve had my adult male woma for around 2 yrs now, heís in a 4x2x2 tank with plenty of decorations and things for him to do.
Last winter I got a baby female woma, sheís obviously been growing quite a bit, and in the last couple of months I guess sheís gotten big enough that he can smell her.
He began getting more aggressive towards the beginning of the breeding season (which I donít mind), but more recently heís been trying to get out of his tank to get at her and heís completely scraped the scales off the top of his head and neck by rubbing on the metal lid (itís like a large metal screen)
Thereís no open wounds or anything itís just the top layer of the scale thatís being scraped off so theyíre not shiny anymore.

At this point itís obviously not causing any real, permanent damage, but I still would prefer if he wasnít doing it..

If anyone has any ideas on what I could do to prevent this.. or if anyone knows how far away the female would have to be so that he couldnít smell her, please let me know, any help would be greatly appreciated !!

Also, if anyone (preferably in Canada) knows where I can get large (~6ft long) tanks or pvcs please let me know

Thank you !!
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Re: Woma Pythons

I ran into a similar situation with a male ball python. My solution was to place the male's enclosure higher than the females' so he attempted to search downward for them.

I suppose that another option could be to place one of the female's shed skins in the tank with the male. He might focus his attention on that rather than escape.
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