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Sudden change in behavor

I have had my ball python Jupiter (f) for almost exactly 5 years. Shes super sweet and loves to sit at her open enclosure door to watch as I do things at my desk.

Recently, as in the last 3 days, she has been biting my clothes when I let her free-roam on the floor. The first time I thought it was because it was dirty clothes that my dogs laid on and so smelled like them, and she let go of them immediately. Tonight she bit a clean shirt that the dogs haven't messed with and tried to eat it (did the wrap around and all). I got her off the shirt by running her head under water briefly like i've seen done by other reptile owners (although it may be incorrect but shes never tried to eat anything non-edible for her) and she is now back in her enclosure.

Now that she is in her enclosure she keeps hissing at the glass and trying to bite though it. Her biting isnt the usual striking she does when eating but she will press her face and then open her mouth and drag it across. Her jaw is a little miss-aligned from her bite on the cloth but she keeps fixing it with the yawning motion and then making it worse again with more biting on the glass. She is targeting where her enclosure doors open and the little vents lining the front.

I can think of 3-4 reasons for this but I am concerned as I have no way to get her to the vet for the next two weeks. Reason 1 is that she is hungry/in hunt mode as I have taken food away that shes rejected before but never stoped her mid biting and wrapping. reason 2 is that shes just genuinely angry that I took the shirt from her. reason 3 could be that this is her way of trying to realign her jaw even though it keeps making the damage worse.

any suggestions?
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