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Re: HOW TO: Choose the appropriate forum

Not sure where exactly to post your thread? Here's a more detailed description of the forums to help you find out where it fits

General Discussion Forum
This is reserved for threads that do not fit into any of the designated forums.

Inquiry Post Forum
You may post inquiries about people here, however, it is not for posting your experiences, good or bad. This is not a discussion forum, you may respond to posts in this forum by PM or email only!

Front Page Polls Forum
This is where you can post a poll if you want it to appear on the homepage.

Feeder Forum
This is reserved for threads pertaining to the feeder (crickets, roaches, rats, mice, rabbits, fish, etc), such as raising them, etc., not to the animal that is eating them. Also for discussion of pets that are commonly used as feeders!

Enclosure Creation Forums
General Enclosure:This is for posts related to constructing enclosures. Naturalistic Vivaria (Plant) Forum: This is for threads pertaining to creating or maintaining a naturalistic setup and the plants/soils in them. Enclosure/Reptile Room Showcase: This is where you can show off pictures of your enclosures or reptile room!

Classified Forums
These are self-explanatory. Lizards for sale, go in the For Sale: Lizard Forum, wanted ads go in the Wanted Forums, etc. Snake ads do not go in Lizard Forums, etc. Please refer to the rules for these forums. The "Other" Forum is designated for supplies, exotics, amphibians, invertabrates, etc. NO domestics or other non-herp related items please. Classified ads go in the Classified Forums, not species-specific forums, General Forums, etc.

General Species Forums
These include the General Python Forum, the General Boa Forum, General Colubrid Forum, General Venomous Forum, General Lizard Forum, General Amphibian Forum, General Invertabrates Forum, General Fish, General Turtle/Tortoise, and General Crocodilian Forum. These forums are for threads that are of mixed content (more than one species of specified family), for threads that are general in nature - pertaining to more than one species of said family, for threads pertaining to animals that do not already have designated forums.

Species-Specific Forums
These include, but are not limited to, such forums as the Boa Constrictor Forum, Morelia Spilota Forum, Giant Python Forum, Elaphe Guttata Guttata Forum, etc etc. These are for threads pertaining to said species, these threads do not go in the General (Family) Forums, or the General Discussion Forum.
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