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My burm forgot how to eat

Hi All,

I have a 6-year-old Burmese python. Her last food intake was in December 2021. I keep trying to feed her now monthly, before I tried bi-weekly, but was frustrated about the waste she did not eat.

She grabs onto the rat that is offered to her, but does not "kill it", no coiling around the prey, then she holds it in her mouth for a while, then she places it onto the floor and that's it.

She was eating regularly up until last December. I did not change anything in her environment, did not move the terrarium, same substrate, same humidity, same temperature as before.

Should I be concerned about her hunger strike? Will she eat when she decides that she is hungry? She was still pooping last week, small amounts, but never the less, pooping. I have no idea what she was depositing since she did not eat a thing for six months now.

I also have a ball python and a boa constrictor and they eat just fine. Even the picky ball python!

All words of wisdom would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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Re: My burm forgot how to eat

You can try a live food item and if she isn't losing any significant weight then she will eat in time.
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