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Question pls help

hi guys i have a female childrens python and recently i noticed she holds her mouth open a little bit and she makes a weezy sound all the time i ask the guy i get my mice off and he said to check her mouth for white gunky stuff she could have thrush and if so to rinse her mouth out with salty water so i went home and looked in her mouth and she has yellow gunky stuff on her windpipe just behind her bottom jaw i couldnt really handle her too much because she gets very agressive and useally bites lol but is there anything i can do or if anyone no's what im dealing with here
any info would be very helpfull thankyou hope to here from you's
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Re: pls help

It sounds like she has an upper respiratory infection which requires medical treatment by a vet who specializes in reptiles. Do you have one in your area? And be sure to have this animal separated from any other snakes in your collection as these are highly contagious.

The only non medical treatment I have heard of regarding URIs is to increase temperatures and humidity but I believe once you see mucus and perhaps before that a vet visit is your best bet.
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Re: pls help

Time for a vet visit.. Get a culture done and get meds.
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Re: pls help

Yeah... Sounds like she has mouthrot, I don't think snakes get thrush. From what I know of Infectious Stomatitis aka Mouthrot, it's a secondary infection. Meaning it usually occurs on top of some other possibly underlying illness (sounds like it could be a respiratory infection). You are probably going to need the assistance of a vet or much more experienced herper.

The first thing I suggest you should do though is gives us some insight on the way your python lives. We'll need to know her temps, humidity, etc. It sounds as though something may be off and that is why you're having these problems.
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Re: pls help

Straight to the vet as advised...
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sick python

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