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This seems like a good time to open a discussion about having patience regarding our hobby. I have seen quite a few people downright kill their reptiles for no other reason than their own personal lack of patience. Caring for your reptile is not something that needs to be done in comparison to how you would feel.

Reptiles don't feel the same as us and they have very different requirements for survival. They can go for months without eating and will under certain circumstances. Unlike newborn human babies who need food quickly to begin thriving, cold blooded animals need other things. Proper temperatures and humidity come high above food, why else do you think they refuse to eat upon being placed in an improper environment? IMO adequate cover/safety is highest on their life support list. It's immediate instinct for reptiles to hide upon birth else they will end up as prey. These factors must all come together before a reptile can even think about eating.

My point is people need to stop comparing their own needs to their reptiles. For example, just because you would be starving after a certain amount of time doesn't mean they are. The fact that you would be uncomfortable doesn't mean it's time to resort to force/assist feeding. If you get the proper environment down, with a good amount of security then healthy ones will begin to eat on their own in time, maybe more time than you're allotting. There is absolutely no need to stress them with multiple feeding and handling attempts. This will only decrease their chances for survival. Take it slow, give some thought to the animal you are caring for and more often than not everyone will end up happy and healthy.
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Re: Patience

Very well put I agree
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Re: Patience

Great post!

And remember, the average time it takes a reptile to adjust to a new environment is about two weeks. This means that you don't handle the animal, AT ALL, for two weeks. This also means that your animal may not eat, or may eat very little in this adjustment time.
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Re: Patience

Good post, i always remind people of Shauny's carpet that went (i think) TEN MONTHS from the egg without food yet is a perfectly healthy adult snake now
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Re: Patience

I am very happy to see a thread about this issue. I can only hope that those lacking Patience read it, realize what they have done and take action to better the care they give to their pets.
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Re: Patience

Originally Posted by Lankyrob View Post
Good post, i always remind people of Shauny's carpet that went (i think) TEN MONTHS from the egg without food yet is a perfectly healthy adult snake now
^^^^^^^ this is what I always remember as well. If a newborn can survive for this long then in most cases there will be plenty of time to get feeding again. As long as people make sure that the husbandry is correct, keep a close eye on the condition of the snake and make sure there is no dramatic weight loss then in good time things should get better.
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Re: Patience

This needs to be stickied.

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Re: Patience

Well put young Grasshopper.
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Re: Patience

Excellent post!
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Re: Patience

Well said.
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Re: Patience

Right on wildside.
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Re: Patience

Yes, keep it civil and I will sticky it.
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Re: Patience

Good post. Def sticky. Close it now if you have to *lol*
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Re: Patience

Okay. Who hacked wildside's account?
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Re: Patience

I am glad this is stickied. I hope people understand it and follow it.
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