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Sylphie 02-27-17 08:31 AM

New, black-eyed crestie
Circle of life is weird somedays. In the morning I found my 9 years old snake dead and I was really shaken badly by it. Yet, the same day I lost one of my pets I also got a one new, so it's all weirdly good and sad at the same time.

Meet my new beloved crestie, he's really beautiful (on the pics he was fired down/in partial fire up) and soo sweet and gentle, just walked on my hand like there is no hurry in the world <3 It's soo different than my adopted boy who hates me with passion.

Sorry that some pics are a little blurry, the light was rather bad. Also, any ideas on a name?

(Tried to do a good pics of his amazing black metallic eyes, but it's not that easy, haha! So I posted one from his breeder page for you to see. And yes, he was born with them, he is now around 14grams, so still a very young boy)

SnoopySnake 03-06-17 10:35 AM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie
Awesome crested gecko! Do you know if the black eyes are hereditary or is it similar to gargoyle geckos where they just pop up from time to time?

Sylphie 03-06-17 12:08 PM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie
Thank you! From what I talked with other owners of similiar dark eyed cresties (some were dark brown, other dark violet/grey) it's some type of paradoxing that just occurs out of nowhere. But I still plan to try breeding for it, just out of curiosity.

Here are some more pics, Zoltan is super lovely, after having 4 geckos that hated humans it's soo amazing to finally be able to just let him wander around:

SnoopySnake 03-06-17 12:20 PM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie
He is a handsome little gecko for sure :) those eyes are awesome

Minkness 03-06-17 04:55 PM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie
Wowza! Wish I had him in my dalmatian breeding group! He's gorgeous! Conrats on the pick up, sorry to hear about the snake though.

Sylphie 03-07-17 04:31 AM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie
Minkness, thank you! I think about getting him three different females like, one full pin, one high end extreme harley and one dalmatian, as I feel he could do nice things with all these projects. Problem with dalmatians is that I know only one person that has nice ones (Lots of Spots on facebook), and I'm sure her babies will be pricey enough for me to need to sell my kidney first ;) (especially with shipping from US to Europe...)

But for now he's still a growing baby, so he only needs to worry about eating, haha!

BillyCostume 03-07-17 07:54 AM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie
He's very photogenic. I love those black eyes

Scubadiver59 03-07-17 08:31 AM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie
Whatever you do...don't scare him and make him drop his tail!! I can't believe how easy it is for, and how often I read about, Geckos dropping their tails! :sorry:

I used to catch and release blue-tailed skinks, horned toads, and some I called "sand diggers" (used their heads to plough under the sand) when I lived in NM. The only time I ever had them lose their tails was if I grabbed them by the tail...never had them just drop off due to fear, etc.

Sylphie 03-08-17 04:39 AM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie
BillyCostume, thank you! He's very easy to take pics, as he just calmly walks around so I don't need to hold him with two hands.

Scubadiver, haha, I know, I heard a lot of stories too. But I need to say that even our super jumpy cresties - that I had few years ago and rehomed after a while - never tried to lose their tails... and they hated any human interaction. The same goes for our Sticky male, that we adopted last summer, he's very easily scared, but never tried to throw his tail too. Maybe we are just lucky to have cresties that don't even think about it, haha!

Cyclops 03-20-17 10:23 AM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie
You could use him as a subject in a photograghy class.

Sylphie 04-18-17 09:23 AM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie
His eyes started to brighten a little, so I'm not sure how they will look in a few months. I'm also super mad at myself because it turned out today that my husbands phone camera is great for macro shots, and it's now too late to get a good macro pics of his black-black eyes.

These are from today, you can see that right eye is still darker, while the left has a lot of brigter "marbling":

Pic from March:

And from late February:

Sylphie 05-01-17 07:27 AM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie
Did some new pics today, but this time it's just the general body and color, not eyes :)

Sylphie 05-01-17 07:27 AM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie

Sylphie 08-09-17 12:18 PM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie
Did some update pics of Zoltan during cleaning. As you can see his tail is slightly wavy, I hope that since it's a little over a month sine I noticed it and started giving him extra calcium with his Repashy it won't get any worse. I'm observing him closely and doing pics once a month to make sure it stays like this, if the extra calcium will not be enough and the tail will get even slightly worse then we'll go to the vet.

I'm still mad at myself for letting this happen, but I certainly learned my lesson and all our geckos/lizards are now watched closely (and supplemented with each feeding practically, depends on species). Especially as our big beardie male developed some slight underbite due to very big growth spurts (even though he was getting lots of calcium with each feeding it was still not enough). I sometimes feel like lizards are soo much harder to care than snakes... But at the same time more rewarding too <3

Sylphie 02-01-18 05:41 AM

Re: New, black-eyed crestie
Newest pictures! I know no one really responds in this thread but I will post it:

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