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Handling baby ball python.

I handle my baby ball every day several times a day for 20 mins. How much is good?
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Re: Handling baby ball python.

Thats a bit much. We handled ours for about 10min a day. One session only. He is nice and calm and has no handling or enclosure removal issues at all. But if all other behavior from your snake is normal I see no reason why to change what you are doing. Each snake has a different level of tolerating handling. I think thats to much but in reality your snake is the judge of that. Its normaly good exercise so its one of those double edge sword deals. If you see a change in behavior like no eating or defensiveness then slow it down.
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Re: Handling baby ball python.

Several times a day is too much, especially for a baby ball python. Just a recipe for a stressed out snake with feeding issues.

I handle mine about every 3-4 months, and he's still docile.
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Re: Handling baby ball python.

Mine gets handled once every few months, every day is too much imo.

How long have you had it? how old is it? Is it eating well?
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Abracadabra Holmes
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Re: Handling baby ball python.

I don't handle my bps unless I'm cleaning out their tubs. So that ends up being once every week or two. Baby snakes just stress out a lot easier when they are smaller. I also think handling multiple times a day is too much. My advice would be to cut down a bit.
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Re: Handling baby ball python.

I take my Royals out once a week on average. That is when I look them over and check their viv for poo.. Other wise I don't handle them. They are both very calm... I think handling every day is to much. I would back down to 2-3 days a week and remember to leave them be for 72hrs after feeding.
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Re: Handling baby ball python.

Mine get taken out once a week for cleaning the cage, etc. Or for a little longer once in a blue moon to get nice photos of them. I don't do daily handling though. "20mins several times a day" seems like too much to me. Is he eating well for you?
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Re: Handling baby ball python.

Wow you are keen. I handle mine probably every other day or every 2-3 days but used to handle once every day and my bp's were fine with eating, etc
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Re: Handling baby ball python.

i have a few snakes that i will at least get out once every few days, being boas though... my BP's i get 1 out when ever i can or i am bored. so probably 1-2 times a week for about 10-15 min. but the other ones, i only handle to take out and clean tubs...
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Re: Handling baby ball python.

I handle Kahless pretty much ONCE every to every-other day, I've seen no adverse effects from it. Length of time depends on him, if he curls up in my lap or uses my housecoat pocket as a hide I will leave him there longer, but if he's really "not in the mood" for it, like constantly trying to get away from me or acting jittery, I take the hint and just put him back.

I'd say handling several times a day is excessive, that can stress a snake out. Stress = lower immune system, lack of appetite, etc.

***Don't handle for 2 days after feeding, during shed, or if they stop eating for any reason (sometimes can be sign of stress, or can mean breeding season/brumation is coming on)
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