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Corey Woods 12-30-02 02:39 PM

Red Axanthics......2001 with 2002
I'm bored.......Took some pics the other day.

2001 Male Red Axanthic. I need to get this guy motivated to breed!!

<img src="">

2001 Red Axanthic, 2002 Red Axanthic, 2002 Black Back (Red Axanthic Line)

<img src="">

<img src="">

2001 with 2002
<img src="">


Sean_.E. 12-30-02 03:02 PM

Nice Ball Pythons, I love the figure eight paterns on their bodies(especially in the first pic!). How many Axanthics did you produce this year?

Shane Tesser 12-30-02 03:07 PM

:jawdrop: Nice Corey!!!!!!

Tim_Cranwill 12-30-02 03:13 PM

Not too bad;)

Corey Woods 12-30-02 03:39 PM

I produced 2.0 Red Axanthics in 2001 and 0.2 Red Axanthics in 2002. I also produced 8 female black back and normals from the Red Axanthic line this year as well so I'll have quite a female females to breed back to these guys in the future. The female Black Back I produced last year is 1800g's and has been in with the Red Axanthic male from last year........but, the little bugger has yet to breed for me. I'll get him to breed sometime within the next 2 months.


Sean_.E. 12-30-02 06:12 PM

Cool! Keep up the good work!

Jeff_Favelle 12-30-02 07:53 PM

Those eyeband appear broken up as well. Is that a trait that seems to come along for the ride, or does it appear in other babies you've produced?

Corey Woods 12-30-02 10:06 PM


The broken up band threw the eye is only characteristic to the Red Axanthics only (in this line). It has yet to show up in the black backs or the normals which are produced from the Red Axanthic line. All of the Red Axanthics look identical except for the pin stripe that goes down their backs.


Jeff_Favelle 12-30-02 10:21 PM

That's what I thought, 'cause I had never seen it before in pics of other morphs.

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