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first feeding since he's been home!

Wow, I'm so psyched...Huxley just ate his first meal with me since I took him home from being boarded at the reptile store for a few weeks. I'd been feeding him really small prey, pinky mice, since he seemed to be scared by rat pups and any bigger size of mouse and didn't eat them. He ate mice with the boarders, though, so I figured I'd give it another shot, especially since I was desperate to get him to appropriate sized-prey.

I used the dipping-the-head-in-hot-water method, which, in my current opinion, ROCKS, because immediately I could smell the mouse really really strongly, much stronger than I ever had when I did dry thaws. I put the mouse in front of him (with tongs), and at first he didn't react to it. I thought that maybe he was dozing, so I tapped it to the side of his body lightly, and immediately he started striking at it! He's never responded that quickly before! It was incredible!!

After two strikes, he nailed it and snatched it out of the tongs and constricted right away. I'm so psyched. The inside of the tank looks like a crime scene from the mouse is the point of is where the mouse was dragged...very, very gory. Now I just wish he'd eat rats...!
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congrats its always nice when they eat...
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Right on Lilyskip. Best of luck increasing his prey size.
- Ken LePage
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Its really cool to see your snake eat something he hasnt ever ate before.
Juggalo Love
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Congrats Lilyskip. I bet it does feel good to have him eating something bigger. I'm trying to acclimate Jega to rats right now and it's not very successful.
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my BP doesn't appear to be growing much...(I think he's around 21" or so) since I got him...

Initially, I was feeding him fuzzies, but he's been on small adult mice for the last few weeks (I feed him once a week and he's never balked).

Should I move up to small rat to get him growing? Or stick to what I'm doing and just feed him twice a week?

Any thoughts...
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