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Should I take my python to the vet?

Hi, new user here. Iíve recently got my first ball python and snake in general, and Iíve had her since mid-July. Sheís a few months old (donít know the exact amount) and from what I know, the store we got her from wasnít shady and took good care of her. Sheís been eating just fine, hasnít shown any signs of stress, and the temperature/humidity of her cage are in the right ranges. Iíve done my absolute best in trying to care for her, and she hasnít shown any signs of illness until right about now.
A few minutes before I began typing this, she starting pooping very ďaggressivelyĒ and loudly, which Iíve never seen her do. I thought this mightíve just been a case of diarrhea, but I noticed bits of her poop looked a bit like worms. She also started to open her mouth very wide during this, almost like she was yawning. Iíve already cleaned her cage out and sheís back to normal again, but Iím really worried this might end up being something serious and itíll get worse if I continue to ignore it. I already looked online to find if anyone else had the same situation but I havenít come across anything yet. If anyone has had any cases of this and has any advice on what to do or can confirm that itís just a case of diarrhea, I would really appreciate it. Sorry if this reads like Iím rambling, itís a bit late for me at the time of typing this thank you!
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Re: Should I take my python to the vet?

I wouldn't worry about it right now. Snakes make a lot of noise when they poop sometimes. It's really gross actually.
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Re: Should I take my python to the vet?

I wouldn't sweat it. Sounds to me like a snake pooping. Snakes do fart and make some pretty funny noises when pooping.
Not to be yucky, but most animals, humans included, make noise while "that" is going on.

As for the yawning, no worries there either. Ever see some of the faces babies make while pooping? Hahaha.

Good on you for asking though. It shows you care and want what's best for your new pet.
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