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Asking the old-timers...

Everyone I've seen has plopped their infant Balls in seperate enclosures. Is there a reason for this? Do they argue? One eat the other? Can they be housed in the same enclosure as youngsters, and separated later as they mature? Just curious.
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Re: Asking the old-timers...

Snakes are not social animals. Being cohabitated can in fact lead to one eating the other, but it's very rare with BPs.
Cohabbing will force one to be more dominant and the other will not be able to properly thermoregulate or choose the hide it wants.
You'll have two stressed animals that won't thrive. Feeding will be extremely difficult.

There's simply not a single good reason to cohabitate these animals.
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Re: Asking the old-timers...

Snakes are solitary animals. While ball pythons are one of the few snakes that won't kill eachother immediately, it's still very unhealthy. It can stress then out and cause them to not eat. Bp's may also attack or eat eachother. It may look like they're snuggled up together if you see more than one in a tank, but it's just cause it's a good spot of the tank.
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Re: Asking the old-timers...

It's easier for the snake and the keeper to keep separate. It can be done but why take any unnecessary risks?
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