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Anyone have any thoughts on going bioactive for a ball python? I'm just tossing the idea around, I wouldn't be able to get started on it for a while, until my little guy is older and his adult sized tank, but how beneficial is it, and how much maintenance is it really? Whenever I look it up, people swear by bioactivity and that its really easy and low maintenance, but I want to be careful about it, and it just seems like something that should be a bit more maintenance... Thoughts?
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Re: Bioactive?

I have 1.1 Red Eyed Tree Frogs in a bioactive terrarium. It's been up and running for about 3 months now. I never smell frog poop or ammonia and I only see it if they manage to poop on a leaf. The only smell at all is a rich, loamy, foresty smell. Other than misting and occasional plant maintenance it's completely self cleaning due to the spring tails and isopods. The frogs are thriving. Most definitely worth it.
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Re: Bioactive?

I've got a couple of bioactives that are housing crested geckos in them. They've been up and running for 3.5 years now and I have done no maintenance to the cage other than the odd addition of more clean up crew, occasional scraping waste off the glass, and cleaning the feeding ledge. Practically maintenance free when set up properly. I think bioactive would work quite well for a ball python.
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