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Unhappy Please help!! sick ball python

Because of my living situation at the time, my ball python had to be left in the care of my family. It was only for two months, but they failed and when I came home, i noticed that her belly was pink and her scales looked weird. I researched it and thought she had scale rot. I began treating her and gave her baths in a betadine solution and then rubbed a anti-biotic ointment on her every day. I replaced the substrate with paper towels and tried to keep her cage as clean as possible. The humidity has been very low, usually lower that 10%. The temp is normal, around 90 on the warm side and she is in a tank that is big enough for her. She is a little more nervous around people and hides more often than she used to. A lot of her scales have dark tips that look like dirt is stuck in them. Some of them seem kind of fringed. I thought she was better, but then her belly got pink again. Im not sure if she is shedding or sick. Her eyes are lighter. She seems to be shedding one scale at a time. When I hold her, they just rub off. Not sure if that is from the treatment or if it a bad sign.Two days ago, I noticed her belly looked weird and then today I noticed what looks like an open cut. Not sure what it is or how to help her. Please help me! Ive attached pictures
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Re: Please help!! sick ball python,iy5MCaM,uTtc57Z,vVCOojf
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Re: Please help!! sick ball python

Welcome to the forum! My advice for you is to (if you haven't yet) raise the humidity and
take the snake to the vet.
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Re: Please help!! sick ball python

I cant see any pictures...
Are you sure its rot and not burns?
Are your heat sources regulated by a thermostat??

I would get the snake to a qualified exotics vet that has experience with snakes, asap.

And I'm sorry, but if that animal was healthy two months ago, what happened since is not only neglect, but borders on animal abuse...but that's assuming the animal was healthy two months ago.
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