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Leah844 03-31-18 05:28 PM

Tank size
So I just got a young ball python, he is about 4-5 months old, around 16ish inches, and 194 grams. He is currently in a 10 gallon tank, but I am definitely going to upgrade him to a 30 gallon. My question is, when should I upgrade the tank? Around what size should he be moved to a new tank? :freakedout:

DJC Reptiles 04-02-18 10:37 AM

Re: Tank size
Ball pythons are seldom active snakes and will fine in a 10 gallon till they are about a year old. Keep in mind a lot of people use bins to house these snakes, they donít need a lot of space, just a secure one. Whenever you feel it needs an upgrade, go for it.

phenyx 04-02-18 11:12 AM

Re: Tank size
My BP is 5-6 months old and just over 2 feet long. I started her in a 20L (30x12x12) enclosure, but she's been so active at night, roaming and climbing on her small tree, that I just moved her up to a 40 gal yesterday. It's got 2 bigger trees, that she's already been climbing on and she's roamed every inch of her new space.

Leah844 04-02-18 01:25 PM

Re: Tank size
Oh ok.... So I guess it kind of depends on your snakes disposition... I've only had him for a day and a half, he seems to like exploring at night, but he does like his hides. I'll probably upgrade him to a 20L in a couple of months, then later when he is an adult a 30 gallon

Jim Smith 04-02-18 04:37 PM

Re: Tank size
You might want to keep an eye open at your local Goodwill stores. I see aquariums there all the time and quite often they are priced very reasonably in the $12-$15 range for 30 gal. Just a thought...

Leah844 04-03-18 08:06 AM

Re: Tank size
That would be awesome if I could get a tank for that much! Thanks for the tip

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