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Question BP Enclosure Size

My baby BP, Nagini, is currently in a 30x12x12 enclosure. She's about 24" at this point so technically it's more than big enough (based on the w+l recommendation). I think she's probably 5-6 months old. She's a great feeder and she's growing fast.

Every night, though, she's back and forth, back and forth, crossing on the substrate and back again across the top of the water bowl, stretching up to the top and climbing on the top of on her tree-shaped hide and then back down.

I never intended to let her outgrow the viv she's in now, but how do I know when she's ready for more space? Is she too small to be comfortable in what would end up being her adult viv? I know baby BPs can get stressed out in enclosures that are too large, but she's literally climbing the walls in her current viv.
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Re: BP Enclosure Size

I typically don't upsize until they basically outgrow everything about the enclosure.
For example, with my BP, Tyson, he started in a 20 gallon with your typical 2 hides, water bowl, plants setup. Once he outgrew the hides that fit in a 20 comfortably I upsized him to a 40 gallon breeder enclosure. They like it tight and secure, so I don't rush to upsize them.
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Re: BP Enclosure Size

Put a 30x12x12 over a snake in the wild and one would realize just how ridiculous small our 'standards' are... most snakes are fairly active animals, including your BP. Most people seem to recommend 4x2x2 minimum size for a BP, and larger females get 5-6' of length when adult.

She's going to need an upgrade in about the next few months, as you rightly noticed, the floor space isn't adequate for her, and she will utilize every bit of space you give her.
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